ServicesLife is big
All of us are trying to find out how we are fitting into it, where our journey will be leading us to, and whether or not we are at the right starting point to get us there. These are some very essential thoughts to contemplate; however, it doesn’t have to be that heavy. Embracing life will lead us to embrace ourselves. It allows us to move, to be fluid, to change and to enable our environment to capture our fullest potential.

As your personal Change Consultant
I work with you to create a positive environment that inspires energetic shifts in every aspect of your life and aides in elevating you to a new level of consciousness. My lifestyle toolkit helps you manifest positive changes in 3 areas of your life – home, business, personal. The tools we use to enhance your life and create an all is lovely state are Classical Feng Shui, Interior Decorating, Venture Consulting, De-cluttering & Organization, Personal Styling & Shopping.

Everyone should consider this site a community they can come to for direction, learning and growth. Check out my offerings and blog and post your constructive comments or write to me at

All is lovely!
Tricia Vanier, Change Consultant